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How to file a cheap divorce

If you need to file a quick, easy, and cheap divorce, we have all the info you will need.

Cheap Divorce aims to bring you information about how you can go about getting a cheap divorce. The best way in which you can minimize costs of divorce is by not hiring a lawyer, or by minimizing the use of a divorce lawyer. The best way to get a cheap divorce is by trying to sort as much out as possible on your own, without lawyers. Keep in mind that lawyers charge for even just phone calls. You will save a lot of money in lawyers fees if you can avoid hiring a divorce lawyer for as long as possible.

The best way to obtain a quick, cheap divorce is to use online forms and to represent yourself in court. Pre-written divorce forms from a divorce kit can be used in order to minimize the costs associated with getting a divorce. These kits and forms can be found easily online instead of hiring divorce lawyers, which can be really expensive.

 As mentioned above, representing yourself in court is a good way to get a cheap divorce. The party filing for divorce will have to pay a docket fee, which does include court costs, but are usually minimal. The cheapest way to file for divorce is to handle all of the paperwork and negotiating by yourself. This may be the option for you, given that you don't have a lot of shared debt, and can come to an agreement on custody arrangements with your spouse.

Another alternative cheap divorce method is through mediation. If you go through this method, you will hire a professional mediator who is trained in family law and conflict resolution. Your mediator will be able to advise you on financial and custody arrangements, and is a cheap divorce option because using mediators decreases your billable hours. A mediated divorce should be less than $5000, whereas a normal divorce would cost around $15,000-$30,000, so as you can see, a mediated divorce is a more affordable, cheap divorce.

A cheap divorce method such as collaborative law, can be used instead of a regular expensive divorce. During this process, you and your spouse will each hire a lawyer to settle your differences. Collaborative divorce will not involve any litigation procedures. This method is for couples that have nothing to hide, and trust is important. Collaboration is a cheap divorce method, where the cost will be around $3000 per spouse, but when you compare that to the traditional divorce, there are huge savings.

Whichever cheap divorce method you choose, make sure you do your research first. There is lots of information on the internet about how you can hire cheap divorce lawyers.

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